Google - PageRank advantages and disadvantages

By PageRank, Larry Page and Sergey Brin an external, ie One at first glance difficult beeinfluss or manipulable factor in the process of evaluating websites. The basic idea that a Web site is rated higher, and if you have many also strong links from other sites get sounds plausible, and was one of the main reasons for the subsequent success of the search engine Google.

The introduction of the PageRanks were the results of Google usually better than those of the other search engines. Websites, without a relevant content to offer, for example, Spam using keyword search for the other services listed were high, filtered Google, the pages because relatively few external links which could. The PageRank algorithm was therefore a long time as a `milestone 'in the development of a search engine, which really relevant results and is difficult to manipulate.

Unfortunately, this `milestone 'now more likely to` a stone in the stomach'. Because PageRank from the beginning an important, if not the most important ranking factor, and also the algorithm by most other search engines in a similar manner, once had links to a high economic value. They were sold, rented and exchanged. Suddenly, there were countless manufacturers and / or services, which focuses exclusively on the marketing of specialized links. It also tried many website operators as many links as possible to collect. Before never visited score books or forums were suddenly flooded with link entries.

It quickly became clear that the PageRank one of the easiest to manipulative factors. Who had the opportunity, time and especially money to invest, the ranking could severely affect its website. Suddenly decided more and more funding on the order in results of most search engines. Unfortunately, it has until now only slightly changed. The link trade is still one of the fastest growing markets on the World Wide Web, although Google and the other search engines are trying, again and again against them.

Thus, the `attribute rel = nofollow '. A versehender attribute this link by the crawlers of search engines were not evaluated, ie The PR of the page is not linked party. Above all, in forums and blogs is the attribute meanwhile purposely used to avoid spam entries. Also known link services provider or regular abgestraft by example Their websites removed from the index, or all at the website containing links will be devalued.

Unfortunately, all these measures often only a `drop in the ocean '. Although the importance of the PageRanks for the ranking of a website has greatly decreased, the link is flourishing trade continues ...

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